Super Heroes Party

If your boy loves playing a super hero, then you should throw him a super party!
Do not worry: you don’t need super power to throw a super bash. The super solution is this super party package!

This super package includes:

  • 10 blue spandex chair covers
  • 20 chair sashes (10 red and 10 black, two different colors for one chair)
  • 1 handmade super hero city skyline backdrop
  • 1 black and yellow table skirt
  • 1 red tablecloth for the buffet table
  • 2 black linen tablecloths
  • 10 yellow plastic plates
  • 10 super hero plastic cups (red, blue and yellow)
  • 2 blue trays
  • 1 yellow tray
  • 2 plastic spider baskets
  • 1 blue cake stand
  • 1 black cupcake stand
  • 3 super hero candy bowls for the buffet table
  • 1 super hero centerpiece (two to choose from) for the table
  • 1 yellow handmade “explosion” made of fabric to be placed under the super hero centerpiece
  • 1 blue pitcher
  • 20 red paper napkins
  • Blue cutlery
  • Paper doily mats to use on trays and cake stand
  • 10 super hero capes and masks

  • P.S. The super hero candy bowls are breakable and very expensive items. Please do take super care when unpacking and packing and make sure to explain to the children that the bowls are not toys but decoration items.

    Self-service package: 89e up to 10 children. Each extra child 5e. Max. 20 children.
    (pick-up, set up, taking down and return by yourself)

    Additional services (within approx. 15 km of CaroDeco Heikintori):
  • Delivering the decorations to you, 35e
  • Taking the decorations back to CaroDeco, 35e

  • Full-service package: 159e up to 10 children. Each extra child 5e. Max. 20 children.
    (delivery, set up, taking down and return by CaroDeco)

    You will probably also want these wonderful accessories matching the theme:
  • 1 set of an irresistible handmade superhero fishing stick and a superhero fishing curtain decorated to match the theme, see details.

  • Have a look at all of our useful and beautiful accessories here (tables, chairs, additional decorations…).

    If you are ready to book or have any question, please email or call 0400-352735.